Hello, I’m Lisa

In my 10 years of motherhood so far, I’ve been alternately a working mum, a stay-at-home mum, a work-at-home mum and, for a while, a homeschooling mum. I know the ups and downs of them all. I know the simultaneous wonder and insanity of mothering gorgeous, spirited children with my whole being. I know about losing myself and finding myself a thousand times over. I know the sometimes need, deep in my bones, of a space to breathe – of time for me.

Combining my practice of holistic wellbeing and coaching, my passion for creating and for the outdoors and my experience of the healing power of a circle of women, I hold spaces for grounding, unravelling and piecing back together.

Through Mother Nurture Mother Wild, I offer day and weekend retreats in beautiful nature-based settings for every kind of mum to come and feel held.

I also offer coaching & mentoring; working with Mums who need support to find space for themselves and their own needs, amidst the busy of family life.